Big Rapids Film Slide Videotape-To-DVD TransferDW Video & Multimedia, LLC is Big Rapids Film Slide Videotape-To-DVD Transfer  production company.

Since 1984 all work has been done in-house.  We do not ship your precious memories to another state to have the work done.  We are here to help.

Preserve your memories for your children, grandchildren and future generations. We want you to watch and share with your whole family.

Why a quote?  We have rates for our film and DVD transfers but that means nothing unless you know how many feet of film you have.  Exactly how much video is on each of your videotapes.  As Big Rapids Film Slide Videotape-To-DVD Transfer experts we work with you to get the most on each DVD for a great price.

For the film transfer customer, ask us about narrating your silent films.  I had my parents narrate mine.  My kids and future generations now know the names of the great great grandparents.  Can listen to their grandparents talk about raising my brother and I.  This is precious and now that mom is gone… PRICELESS.

Have boxes of videotapes and not sure how much video is on each one?  We can help.  AND, we can work with you to get the most on each DVD.

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