Big Rapids iCrush 5k video

iCrush 5K coming to Big Rapids on November 9, 2014

iCrush 5k video

Editing the Big Rapids iCrush 5k video.

Working on the Big Rapids iCrush 5k video.  Had the opportunity to work with a local business owners Denise and Nick from Different by Design and members of the Big Rapids High School Cross Country team.  In order to finish the Big Rapids iCrush 5k video we needed consent forms signed by those in this video.  At the writing of this blogpost we have consent forms from everyone but one that keeps forgetting to bring his.  Working with students we had to have their parents sign the forms.  Need everyone to sign or cannot use any since they are all in the shots.

Currently have the Big Rapids iCrush 5k video edited with two options.  However, of course the one with the member of the Big Rapids Cross Country team is my favorite.  Now we wait. Go to to sign up to walk or run the 5k.

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iCrush 5k GoPro Video

Using the GoPro with a three axis stabilizer to capture HD video for the Big Rapids iCrush 5k Video.

Doctor Singh Big Rapids iCrush 5k

Doctor Singh is the CEO and founder of Vital Checklist. The company putting on the Big Rapids iCrush 5k.

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