• 5 Google Tools Every Business Should Be Using


    Five Tools Every Business Should Be Using features Nicole Royer from Start-Up with Nicole. “Start-Up with Nicole” doesn’t just mean startups, it means starting up anything that moves a brand forward. 

    Chatting Local is a knowledge base site that provides you a platform to share your expertise.  Very affordable video that you can add to your web and social media sites.  Contact Duane at 231-250-9624



  • You are the expert in your field

    You are the expert in your field.  Allow us to create a series of videos that highlight you, your business and your brand.

    • Determine the topic of each segment(s)
    • Record each segment aiming at a length of 2-5 minutes. We can do one or multiple videos that work best for you and your budget.
      • Interview Style to provide flow to the topic and build your credibility.
      • Talking head style where you provide the information.  We have a teleprompter if you want to write it ahead of time and read it off the screen.
      • You become the host and bring in your own guest to share expertise based on your target audience
  • Share your Expertise

    • We will edit each segment and place on our YOUTUBE Channel.
      • Will generate a segment on Buy Local Michigan 365 to share your content.
      • Will provide you the Video URL and Embed Code for use on your social media and websites.
      • NOTE: you cannot download and then re-upload.  Must use our URL and Embed code to keep our, and your SEO the best for each segment.
    • Cost: Each segment is $147.00.  Contact Duane for more details 231-250-9624.
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